Paula Saba Loves To Dance

“The more challenges I take on, the more I feel in sync with what I do.”

Paula Saba Loves To Dance
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For Lebanese dancer Paula Saba (Instagram), independence brings identity and creativity leads to calm. 

Paula Saba

What is your favourite type of dance? 

I don’t really have one favourite, but I love contemporary dance because I can be more flexible with the elements and styles I can portray.

Talk us through a favourite memory. 

One of the purest childhood memories I have is from when I was three, I was standing on a swing while it was moving, and decided to do a flip with my hands while holding the swing. I guess favourite memories are linked to physical activities that I consider fun to do. 

Paula Saba

Have you found any challenges being a model and actress?

Yes, many. Being an independent artist in Beirut is really tough at times, as are challenges such as finding your identity and style. I also chose to be a freelancer without any stable income, which was hard. But I did this firstly because it meant I was able to select the shoots I took part in, and secondly because the more challenges I take on, the more I feel in sync with what I do. 

With all these challenges, how do you reset and find a sense of calm?

I usually find calmness when I go back to my roots, family and beautiful hometown surrounded by nature. I also found a certain calmness when I decided to take action, to create and collaborate, and to not see my job as just a source of income. 



Paula Saba

What do you resonate with more – acting or modelling?

I love modelling because it helped me find myself as a performer. But I also really love performing, whether it’s modelling for a fashion brand, acting in projects, or dancing and expressing myself through movement. 

What do you do when you’re not working? 

I just finished shooting my first short film: it’s a dance film and I’m so content. It can be considered work, but it’s me working on and improving myself. When I’m not on shoots I usually see friends, go on adventures, play music and do lots of sports or dance. Sometimes I just watch Netflix. I also try to support my flatmates who are working on various projects within Beirut. 

Paula Saba

If you could turn back time, what would you tell yourself?
“You’re doing great sweetie.” I would also give her a hug and tell her “Don’t be too hard on yourself and try to cherish every experience”.

How do you keep yourself hopeful in a competitive field? 

I’m a daydreamer, so feeling passionate and motivated about personal projects or participating in others’ creative projects always pushes me. When you focus on your own progress and path, you also respect everyone’s personal growth. 

What’s next for you?

I’ve created two short dance films that are currently in production. One is experimental and the other is surrealist. I really can’t wait to debut what I have been working on for the past months.  

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