Pradasphere II: A Deep Dive Into the World of Prada

Decoding Prada's legacy in Shanghai.

Pradasphere II: A Deep Dive Into the World of Prada
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Pradasphere II, the immersive exhibition unraveling the intricate tapestry of Prada’s (Instagram) legacy, has opened its doors at the Start Museum in Shanghai. Co-curated by creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the exhibition showcases over 400 artifacts, weaving a narrative from Prada’s inception in 1913 to its present-day impact on luxury, beauty, and fashion.


The exhibition, resembling a lush magazzino, offers a cross-section of Prada’s diverse universe. Created in collaboration with design studio 2×4, it combines the industrial with the refined, utilizing warehouse shelving draped in precious pink silk velvet. Pradasphere II is more than a mere display; it’s a philosophy where fashion converges with life, echoing across history, art, sport, architecture, and sound.

The magazzino corridor

The magazzino corridor flaunts nearly 200 iconic looks, from the first collection to the present day, meticulously chosen by co-creator Raf Simons. Special rooms, each designed to evoke Prada’s essence, branch off from the main corridor, delving into various dimensions of this multi-faceted world.

Fratelli Prada

From the recreation of the original Fratelli Prada shop to the cinematic journey of Prada collaborations, the exhibition unfolds as a rich tapestry. Damien Hirst’s artworks, Albert Watson’s photographs, and Prada’s iconic shoes stand as testaments to the brand’s enduring influence beyond fashion.


Pradasphere II invites guests to explore Luna Rossa, the Prada sailing syndicate, and the technical prowess of LINEA ROSSA. The exhibition delves into Prada’s commitment to sustainable materials with the RE-NYLON display, emphasizing their strides in environmental responsibility. The exhibition also contains a collection of photographs from the famed Albert Watson and examples of Miuccia Prada’s earliest Nylon collection.


Materiality shows twenty first-ever exhibited skirts created for the Shanghai Pradasphere, demonstrating the extraordinary craftsmanship and striking materiality of the Prada workroom.


Vitrine presents twenty famed bags from the Prada archive, featuring those silhouettes that have become iconic for the house. From the Galleria to the Cleo, these forms reveal a deep formal sensibility, specific to Prada, as well as the impeccable craftsmanship for which they are known.

Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada presents an overview of thirty of the most extraordinary exhibitions staged by Prada’s art foundation. A range of path breaking shows and ambitious books reveal the depth and breadth of Prada’s ongoing relationship with culture, from fine arts, to cinema, music, science, and technology.

Infinity Runway

All this and more awaits at the Start Museum where this series of remarkable rooms showcases the links between fashion, art, design, architecture and life in a remarkable, unique collection. Throughout the journey, the entire experience is accompanied by bespoke soundscapes from renowned electronic musician Plastikman (Richie Hawtin), adding a sensory layer to the exploration.


Pradasphere II is housed at the Start Museum, a historical building within the Nanpu Railway Station. This exhibition marks a groundbreaking addition to the museum and offers a unique perspective on Prada’s history, present, and future.

The magazzino corridor

For those intrigued by the fusion of luxury, art, and culture, Pradasphere II is sure to be a wonderful experience. The exhibition is live and you can jump into Prada’s world at the Start Museum until January 21, 2024.


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