Framing Hope: Artists Worldwide Rally for Palestinian Aid

Merging art and aid for Gaza with ‘Pictures for Palestine’

Framing Hope: Artists Worldwide Rally for Palestinian Aid
Menna Shanab

In a remarkable display of global solidarity, more than 225 artists from across the globe have come together for Gaza. This photographic print sale, “Pictures for Palestine,” (Instagram) (Website) is a lifeline to those in urgent need of aid in Gaza. Spearheaded by an alliance of volunteers from the creative industry, this collective effort stands as a shining example of how art can be a powerful catalyst for change.

Mahmoud Manaa (from Al-Almeen Archive) – Groom’s shower, Majd Al-Kurum, Palestine 1980s

Launched on the 15th of November, “Pictures for Palestine” brings together a constellation of celebrated artists including Cindy Sherman, Alec Soth, Yorgos Lanthimos, and many others. This initiative has already marked a significant milestone in the global creative community’s efforts to address the pressing health needs in Palestine. Each participating artist, contributing their unique perspectives and styles, offers prints for sale at a uniform price of £100. These 8 x 11″ prints are available as open editions, ensuring that art enthusiasts and philanthropists alike can partake in this charitable cause.

Exactitudes, Nr. 047 Mothercare – Casablanca, 2000

The heart of this initiative lies in its commitment to direct the entirety of the proceeds to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) — (Website). MAP’s work in providing vital medical care and supporting the health of Palestinians is more crucial than ever. Through “Pictures for Palestine,” the global artistic community is not just raising funds, but also awareness about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The fundraiser is not the first of its kind from this group of volunteers from the creative industry. This initiative builds upon the remarkable success of a previous venture “Photographs for the Trussell Trust,” which raised a significant £600,000 to aid those affected by the economic and social crisis caused by the Covid-19 health emergency. This legacy of success adds a layer of hope and expectation to the current endeavor.

Elaine Constantine – Juliet on Swing, The Face, 1998

Adding to the momentum, on November 24th, the roster of contributors expanded by an additional 75 artists, bringing in fresh perspectives and widening the artistic horizon. This expansion includes luminaries such as Nan Goldin, Harley Weir, and Mia Khalifa by Cora Liliana, enriching the collection and its appeal.

Beyond being just a fundraiser, “Pictures for Palestine” is a testament to the unifying power of art. It demonstrates how creativity, when harnessed for a cause, can bridge divides and build communities of support. The initiative is an open invitation to art lovers and philanthropists alike to support this noble effort, not just as a means to acquire exceptional art, but as a way to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need in Palestine.

Gareth McConnell – Untitled XXII from ‘The Horses’, 2022

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