RAVI and adidas Originals Just Launched a Sneaker Collab

This may be one of the most unique mashups in years

RAVI and adidas Originals Just Launched a Sneaker Collab
Yaseen Dockrat

Not so long ago, during the pandemic, Dubai’s iconic RAVI Restaurant was on the brink of closing its doors. Fast forward to today, and the restaurant has not only survived but also flourished to the extent that it now has its own sneaker collaboration with adidas.

Yes, adidas has collaborated with the beloved restaurant to launch the ‘SUPERSTAR RAVI’, which will see the iconic sneaker take on the famed restaurant’s colourway or RAVI green.

“My family has worked so hard to bring Ravi to where it is now, it has become more than just a restaurant with staff and customers, it has become a home that many grew up with. To say that Ravi had a humble beginning and is now representing Dubai as a key city with adidas is a milestone to celebrate” said RAVI founder, Chaudary Abdul Hameed.

The restaurant was founded in Dubai in 1978 to serve those who searched for affordably priced homecooked meals. Over the years, the restaurant has become a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike, with celebrities like One Republic and Snoop Dogg also visiting.

The SUPERSTAR RAVI is a reinterpretation of the adidas Originals Superstar. The white and ‘Ravi Green’ colourway references the Pakistani heritage of the owners, and the shoe comes with a custom sock liner featuring a hand-drawn map that signifies a river in North Wester, Pakistan. The shoe also comes with three sets of laces. Branding on the heel tab includes the year the restaurant was founded, along with the name in English and Arabic. Six famous dishes from the restaurant were selected and featured on the tongue of the sneaker with English on the side and Arabic on the other. The SUPERSTAR RAVI also comes in its own takeaway-style box, with a detachable hangtag featuring the restaurant’s logo.

The collab is one part of Adidas 11 restaurants in 11 cities series, which will present 11 culinary-inspired silhouettes – driven by authentic food, real people, and fresh sneakers. The designs tell the stories of each restaurant and reflect their aesthetic in nuanced details throughout the shoe.

Images: Supplied