Redress Lebanon: Zuhair Murad Creates A Dress From Mesh Covering Beirut Blast Site

NFTs of the dress will raise money for charity

Redress Lebanon: Zuhair Murad Creates A Dress From Mesh Covering Beirut Blast Site
Yaseen Dockrat

On the second anniversary of the devastating Beirut blast, Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad launched the #RedressLebanon campaign in collaboration with IMPACT BBDO and AnNahar newspaper. The initiative will auction 10,425 NFTs of the dress to raise funds for those affected by the explosion. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Idraac NGO, which is dedicated to mental health. The designer used the mesh fabric covering the site of the explosion to create a gown.

The detail behind the dress

The gown is Murad’s expression of joy and hope, and it is hoped it will become a symbol of resilience, beauty and willpower. Two years after the explosion, there has been no accountability for the explosion that affected the lives of some 300,000 Lebanese. The idea behind #RedressLebanon is to give hope to the people living in severe economic and social circumstances. Meanwhile, the newspaper headlines that followed the explosion are repurposed as a satin belt, wrapping the waist of the dress. The headlines satin belt comes together under a red heart that sits glamorously on the vivid blue dress.

Recovering from tragedy

The explosion was one of the most devastating we have come to witness in recent years, killing some 230 people, while injuring a further 7,000. The explosion brought destruction to more than 10,000 buildings, within 3 km of the blast. Its far-reaching effects have altered the lives of 300,000 people.

Twenty-four months on from the explosion, the city remains desperate to heal. It’s hoped that the dress will offer a message of hope for the people to keep believing in the hidden potential of Lebanon. It is a message to rebuild and redress the country, to restore it to its former glory, so that it becomes worthy again to its people who welcome life no matter the circumstances.

A special edition of AnNahar has been published today telling the stories of Lebanese people from all walks of life. The paper includes testimonials from the families of those who fell on that day.