Hajime Sorayama’s Sexy Robot Inspires New Roger Dubuis Collab

"We've created a singular masterpiece"

Hajime Sorayama’s Sexy Robot Inspires New Roger Dubuis Collab
Yaseen Dockrat

The horological world has historically always remained aloof. There they are, this rarified bunch, up in Switzerland and rarely letting outsiders in on the action. But it’s 2022 and if you’re not involved in a collab or two then are you really being creative? Gen Z certainly agrees and, now fully integrated into the world of fine watchmaking, will surely appreciate news of a Roger Dubuis Hajime Sorayama creation coming out of Geneva.

The Roger Dubai Excalibur Sorayama

The Excalibur Sorayama Monoblacier is the latest edition of the Maison’s Urban Culture Tribe line, where the brand invites creatives to help design limited edition masterpieces. Japanese illustrator Sorayama comes hot on the heels of LA tattoo legend, Dr Woo, French graffiti artist Gully, and Chinese artist Liu Wei. Known globally for the realistic automaton creations he calls, “sexy Robots”, Sorayama has reimagined the Dubuis’ skeletonised Excalibur Monoblacier. 

The case of the The Roger Dubai Excalibur Sorayama

The Details

A 42mm wristwatch, the case comes in polished titanium, while the bracelet is engraved with the manufactures monogram and the artist’s name. The sapphire dial sits above Dubuis’ signature star, which hangs freely above the barrel. The micro-rotor is given the Sorayama treatment to create a hypnotic optical illusion, triggered by the natural movement of the wearer. 

What you’re basically getting here is a limited edition piece of art. Engineers at the Maison tweaked the rotor to minimise its vibrations, doubled its balance wheel inertia, and the result is a beautifully stable movement that is only minutely sensitive to shocks.

Meanwhile, the watch’s escapement wheel and palettes are manufactured from diamond-coated silicon that allows for better optimisation of energy and efficiency. The in-house calibre RD 720SQ, now enhanced, delivers an impressive power reserve of 72 hours.

“The Excalibur Sorayama MB is a perfect blend of two worlds, with Roger Dubuis’ and my signature both recognisable at first sight,” says Sorayama. “I’m thrilled we were able to bring such a hyper expressive timepiece to life. By pushing our limits, we’ve created a distinctive moiré and a singular masterpiece.”

The bracelet of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Sorayama

The Excalibur Sorayama is limited to just 28 pieces and will be first offered to Japanese collectors.