Sarah Al Hashimi: Life Through the Lens

Trailblazing the UAE film scene

Sarah Al Hashimi: Life Through the Lens
Mohamed Elashy

A pioneer in the Emirati film scene, Sarah Al Hashimi is the director making it her mission to narrate an accurate representation of her culture. Her storytelling showcases the progression of modern UAE society, with her films receiving accolades from international film festivals.

Introduce your film-philosophy in four words

Documentation, Experimental, Ironic, Cultural.

What makes your perspective unique?

Everyone’s perspective and stories are unique in their own ways. As a filmmaker, my perspective is unique because my home is considered a transient city for most people to come and go. Most people outside of the Khaleej (the Gulf) don’t really understand it because not much of it is shared. I have lived through a unique period in the history of my country. We have seen it transform from a humble desert in the Middle East to one of the top cities globally. I want to tell the stories of Emiratis who have lived through all this. I want to bring a humane side to our story.