Spotify Singles Steps into MENA with Rising Star Tagne

Tagne's swinging the doors open for MENA artists with an intimate performance of his hit songs 'Niya' and 'Liberté'

Spotify Singles Steps into MENA with Rising Star Tagne
Menna Shanab

The Spotify Singles program, renowned for magnifying the unique artistic expressions of musicians globally, now sets its sights on new territories, venturing into the MENA region. At the helm of this exciting expansion is Tagne, a Moroccan-Cameroonian prodigy. A pivotal force in the resurgence of Moroccan rap, Tagne crafts music that blurs geographic lines, weaving a tapestry that fuses urban beats with the heart-stirring essence of African rhythms. His sound can be best described as a mix of trap, reggaeton, afrobeats, and boom bap. It’s this genre-blending, coupled with his knack for storytelling and his distinctive vocal identity that sets Tagne apart.

Tagne’s journey is as blended as his music. Born to a Cameroonian father and a Moroccan mother in 1997, the Casablanca native blossomed in a culturally diverse milieu, feeding his passion for music and fuelling his rise from freestyle park gigs to launching his solo career in 2020.

Spotify Singles

In the first MENA edition of Spotify Singles, listeners are treated to new versions of “Niya” and “Liberté” from his recent album ‘Lmektoub.’ The accompanying video, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Agafay desert outside Marrakech brings a whole new dimension to the songs. A tantalizing acoustic rendition of “Niya” finds Tagne teaming up with Algerian singer and composer Fares LÜNN, before transitioning to a stripped-back, intimate performance of “Liberté” as the sun dips below the horizon.

Tagne’s appeal extends beyond the MENA region. He has gained a dedicated following in France, the Netherlands, and Germany, becoming one of the most streamed artists in the region for Spotify Wrapped 2022.

Spotify Singles serves not only as a platform for artists to reimagine their music but also as a global stage that magnifies their voices. With its introduction in MENA, the program is poised to take listeners on an intimate journey through the region’s diverse soundscape.

As the audio giant broadens its horizons, we can expect to explore new sounds, talents, and stories. Spotify’s journey in MENA is just beginning, and with Tagne leading the way, it’s an engaging start to this new chapter.

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