Tali Marjieh – Cultural Style

Bringing Palestine to the US, one outfit at a time.

Tali Marjieh – Cultural Style
Omaia Jallad

Sister and stylist to the emerging Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna, Tali Marjieh (Instagram) is building a bridge between the Middle East and the Western world through her creative designs and styling expertise.

Raised amidst the diverse cultural landscape of Palestine, she carries within her a deep-rooted connection to the traditions and aesthetics that define the region. However, upon her move to Los Angeles, the contrast between her homeland and her new environment became distinctly clear, but she continues to infuse a regional twist into her work as a fashion designer and her new upcoming brand, Martial.

Tali Marjieh, welcome. You have such a distinctive style, can you share the journey of how you discovered it? Was it a process of evolution?

Since I was in middle school, friends came to me for fashion advice, even borrowing clothes from my closet. I always liked trying different styles. Back home, at high school graduations, girls usually wore a dress. Instead of wearing a dress I decided to design my own piece wearing pants, I knew that was the style that I would most feel myself in. This inspired others to start wearing pants for similar occasions and that was the first sign that I could inspire girls to wear what they feel, not what they’ve been told to. My mum always dressed me well since I was a kid, and my fashion sense developed early. I saw pictures of when I was a kid and I still think the outfits that I wore are timeless and I want to keep it this way. Things happen very organically. Once, I remember I wanted to dress my sister, Elyanna, for a music video. It was easier for me to go to a fabric store, get inspired, and design. I didn’t feel that I wanted to style her, I wanted to design what fitted her best, what makes her who she is. People kept asking where her outfit was from, after that I felt that my journey was clearer. I feel designing and styling go hand-in-hand, because it’s all about the vision and the taste. I feel I can do both, but I know that my goal is to design clothes for a stylist to pull.

In your view, what defines the ideal winter wardrobe? 

Creating the perfect winter wardrobe involves layering, but make it feel effortless, embracing bold colour choices that complement one another.

Hailing from the Middle East, does your fashion challenge stereotypes or norms?

Coming from Palestine, a land rich in cultural expressions like Tatreez, coins, headscarves, and henna, I noticed a void in these elements when I moved to the U.S. Many Americans were unfamiliar with our cultural heritage. Determined to bridge this gap, I made it my goal to introduce our art and fashion to the Western world, using Elyanna as the vessel. There is immense strength in embracing one’s culture and proudly representing it.

What story or message do you aim to convey through your personal style? How does it reflect your narrative? 

My goal is for girls to feel like the main character whenever they wear my designs. I envision my creations as special occasion pieces that girls would eagerly choose without hesitation. Standing out has always been second nature to me, whether through my big Middle Eastern hair or unique outfits. I aspire for girls to feel empowered to stand out in their own unique ways.

Can you offer any guidance for individuals seeking to explore and find their own style identity?

Continue to discover. Embrace the journey, even with fashion missteps, as they guide you to your true style. Dress in a way that celebrates every aspect of your body, honouring its uniqueness.


  1. Women’s biker 90mm over-the-knee boot in black, BALENCIAGA
  2. Off-white faux shearling robe coat, CASABLANCA
  3. 1/1 smv black leather sedici moto jacket, SAMI MIRO VINTAGE
  4. Yahir overknee dark green, GMBH
  5. Fire dress, DILARA FINDIKOGLU

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