Taxi 404 Are Making Waves

“We just knew it was obvious that we needed to write songs together.”

Taxi 404 Are Making Waves

Not easily defined, Taxi 404 are staying true to themselves with symbiotic soundwaves

Taxi 404 consists of two members, what elements do you both bring to the table?

The Taxi 404 base is a symbiosis of visions and technique. We’ve been making music together for almost 10 years, and we never ask ourselves that question. We just knew it was obvious that we needed to write songs together.

What is the meaning behind the name Taxi 404?

To be honest, we picked it because it sounded cool.

Taxi 404

How would you describe your sound?

Our sound naturally flows from what we like to listen to. When we decide to write a song, we never say, “ok, today we do an indie-pop song” or “let’s do French variety”, we just do what we feel at the time of creation without putting labels on it.

Who or what do you listen to for pleasure?

The list is long: The Strokes, Serge Gainsbourg, Inner Wave, Laylow, Doc Gyneco, Chopin, Eric Satie, Chet Baker, Skinshape, Mac Demarco, Beach House, Rachid Taha, Feu! Chatterton, Abd al Halim Hafez, Hermanos Guttierez, Luidji, Arcade Fire, Ichon… should we continue?

What would you say is the best achievement you have accomplished as a band so far?

People singing our songs in concert is an accomplishment. And also, being able to pay rent thanks to our music. 

What about your Lebanese heritage inspires your music?

As far as our music is concerned, we don’t really know the answer to that question, given that we listen to a lot of different things. But one thing is certain: the caring nature of the Lebanese public motivates us to continue. 

Taxi 404

What do you do for fun when not recording or performing?
We play a lot of FIFA 20. And sometimes we even think about dropping everything for a career at FIFA.

Dead or alive, who do you look up to in the music industry?

Composers influence our way of seeing music, but the most important thing for us is to keep our footprint and our original essence, and do Taxi 404. 

What is your favourite moment as a band?

Each sold-out concert!

What is your definition of hope?

We don’t really like the word hope, because it leaves a margin of error, we prefer the word faith, which accompanies us to the end.

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