BMW and AGMC Drive Sustainability with the Legends Football League in Dubai

The future of luxury transport is electric

BMW and AGMC Drive Sustainability with the Legends Football League in Dubai
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In a landmark move, BMW, together with AGMC, the official BMW Group importer for Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, has announced a partnership with the Legends Football League to become the exclusive VIP Player Transport Partner. With this union, BMW is set to redefine the state of luxury transport in the league, embracing sustainability and highlighting the synergy between high-end sports and eco-friendly initiatives.

Bringing together football royalty from around the world, the Legends Football League commenced with a grand ceremony on November 18 at Al Maktoum Stadium, the home ground of Al Nasr Club. This event was a spectacular showcase of skill and nostalgia, where some of the most celebrated names in football, including World Cup and Ballon d’Or winners, gathered for a historic game.


The BMW iX represents a key element in the partnership. AGMC will supply a fleet of 10 all-electric BMW iX cars, further cementing the brand’s global leadership in e-mobility. Designed with sustainability in mind, the BMW iX is a symbol of progressive luxury. It exemplifies BMW’s vision for the future of e-mobility. Incorporating several sustainability practices in its production cycle, the BMW iX reduces CO2 emissions in its supply chain by 17%, a feat achieved by using renewable green power in producing the battery cells, which incorporate up to 50% recycled nickel.

BMW’s partnership with the Legends Football League is a bold declaration that luxury, performance, and sustainability can coexist. As BMW and AGMC transport the Legends Football League participants across Dubai, they are driving forward a powerful message of sustainability. By opting for electric vehicles, the event sets a precedent for reducing the environmental impact of sports events, which aligns with a global shift towards more sustainable practices in various industries.

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