People, Clothes and Imagination with Mohamed Sherif

Photographer Mohamed Sherif weaves tales of Cairo’s streets, her people and much, much more.

People, Clothes and Imagination with Mohamed Sherif
Omaia Jallad

Mohamed Sherif (Instagram) loves his home city of Cairo, that much is clear as soon as you lay eyes on his work. Striking images of the city’s streets tell stories of people, the city and the culture in which they live. A coming together of fashion, unique tales and personal style, Sherif’s work is all about capturing moments of authenticity in a fast-paced world.

When was it that you discovered your interest in photography? 

The beginning of my interest in photography was in late 2018.

What initially drew you to street photography, and how did you discover the unique intersection between fashion and the authentic narratives of Cairo’s streets?

I’m from Old Cairo, so the streets are a part of my life, even before I was a photographer. Clothes are part of our lives and we use them daily. Everyone has their own style. Also, everyone has an original story. I mix stories of people and their clothes with my imagination.

Mohamed Sherif X YUNG

Street photography often requires quick thinking. How do you approach fashion-focused shots without disrupting the natural flow of life on Cairo’s streets?

Cairo is a city in which nothing can stop, so I rely on balance, focusing on all the events that happen around me and interacting with them.

How do you build a connection with the people you photograph, especially in the context of candid shots?

I build social relationships a lot in the street. This is my main purpose. I don’t care about photography, at first I love to coexist with people, listen, and be a part of them. Confidence is more important than a photograph.

Your lens captures the vibrancy of Cairo’s daily life. Could you share a standout moment where fashion played a pivotal role in the narrative you captured?

That was very pivotal in the “Eman’s Journey to the Stars” project. Fashion was a major part in telling her life story from a woman in a certain space, to a woman who breaks all the circles set for her, to see a world in her fantasies in which she chooses the clothes she wants to wear.

Mohamed Sherif X YUNG

How did your collaboration with Middle East Archive, centred around the meaning of “love”, influence and shape a new direction for your photography?

My collaboration with the Middle East Archive was something very magical. It affected me more emotionally, because it made me realize many feelings and concepts around love.

If you could photograph an event from any point in history, what would it be and why?

For me, anything that happened before the invention of the camera would be amazing. I could choose the event of Cleopatra’s coronation as Queen of Egypt. Imagine an event like that, it is a mythical thing. Imagine seeing it in pictures.

Which era of fashion are you most drawn to?

I am drawn to the current age because I will not miss anything in the past, and I will be contemporary with the present and the future.

Mohamed Sherif X YUNG

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