Claudette The Brand: Layan Al Dabbous’ Community Design

“If we can come together with love and acceptance, so much greatness can come out of it.”

Claudette The Brand: Layan Al Dabbous’ Community Design

With Claudette The Brand, Layan Al Dabbous (Instagram) aims to unite humanity by fusing art and life throughout her streetwear designs.

Claudette The Brand

Your brand is called Claudette The Brand. Who is Claudette?

Claudette is a character I created that almost acts as my alter ego in cartoon form. I always wanted to create a space where people could communicate, relate and be vulnerable and found I was able to do this by spreading thought-provoking messaging through Claudette, the character. 

What is the story behind the illustrations in your designs? 

Each drop has its own unique story and stems from situations, observations and experiences. The most recent drop was titled I See Things Clearer Now, and the graphics all relate to the idea of me opening my eyes to some of the truths of life. Each graphic tells a unique story and together they mesh to create an overall story. Everything I draw is with a specific purpose – even the materials play into the storyline and help give it meaning. I love using word play and colours, too. 

Claudette The Brand

How did you start using spray paint as a medium?

It happened very organically. I was living in New York and had a big, white, empty wall in my apartment. It needed some colour, so I bought spray paint and started doodling on it. I liked the way I was able to express myself using the paint. I later decided to transfer these messages onto hoodies, jackets and trousers I had at home. My friends and family loved them, so I started making more.

Claudette The Brand has a cult following, why do you think that is?

I’ve always wanted to show that humans experience this journey of life – with all its ups and downs – in a rather similar way to each other. I believe that open and vulnerable communication can heal a lot and I think it’s important for people to see how similar we all are. This idea fuels the core of the brand: I think people can see that and want to join us on this ride. 

You claim to bridge the gap between opposites. What does this mean and why is it important to you? 

Again, it goes back to the idea that we are more similar than we are different. It’s a way to bridge a negative divide within humanity. If we can come together with love and acceptance, so much greatness can come out of it.  

How important is colour to the brand?

Colour is an integral part of the brand. What I can’t say with words or graphics, I say with colour. Each tone brings out a different emotion and feeling in people, so adds to the story of the piece.

Claudette The Brand

What has been your favourite memory throughout the brand’s growth?

There have been so many amazing moments, but if I had to pick one, it would be our first official pop-up on Canal Street in New York. It was surreal to see an idea I’d had play out in the physical world; people came from all over the city and it was such a fun day filled with art, fashion and music. That was the moment I knew this was something I wanted to grow. 

What is next on your list of achievements for Claudette?

I have no idea what’s coming next, but I like it that way. I love putting energy into the brand everyday. We are, however, looking to add more silhouettes and different fabrics to our upcoming collections.

What is the key to standing out?

Being authentic and creating from purpose and passion. 


This interview with Layan Al Dabbous appeared in YUNG ISSUE 2 PRINT.

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