Ghassan Kayed: The Art of the Story

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Ghassan Kayed: The Art of the Story
Omaia Jallad

Ghassan Kayed (Instagram) is the founder of Burgers & Hoodies (Instagram), a creative agency dedicated to telling unique, inspiring stories. He’s a creative director and a content creator and he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on.

How would you describe your personal style?

Growing up, my style has changed a lot. I’d say it has changed based on my mood and the phase I’m passing through. If I’d describe my style right now, I’d say it varies between the simple chilled, cool school boy and the vintage preppy dad style.

What goes through your mind when you get dressed in the morning? Is there a particular routine or approach you follow in dressing?

I’m the type of person who likes to stand out with his looks and I really take care to not wear the same piece more than once the same way. Deciding on which outfit or style I’ll go for the day is based on my schedule and how tough my day is going to be. Also, I usually try to choose my look before going to bed since my mornings are so quick and I have a lot to do before starting my day.

What drives your creativity? Where do you seek inspiration?

I believe that being creative is all about character. It’s part of who you are and it comes as part of your soul. I also believe it’s all about how you see things around you. Anything around you can be inspiring and can take you to different places; it all depends on your vision and approach. Music, movies, art and visuals are definitely some main factors that contribute to inspiration and creativity, but my main factor, I’d say, is love. Love can change everything in life; it makes you see and think differently.

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What message are you trying to communicate through your platform? Has this message informed, or improved your ability to amass an audience on social media?

My messages and the way I think and see things are so many, and they change with time and certain situations I pass through, but my main thing would be to do what you feel is right. Unfortunately in our region, we grew up using our brains more than our hearts. We never, as kids, got the chance to express our feelings or emotions properly. It was never appreciated, or taken into consideration. Personally, I’m a very sensitive person and I do care a lot about my feelings and I believe in it.

How did Burgers and Hoodies come about? What motivated you to launch the company?

I knew that I wanted to do something for me, something where I can be my own boss, and where I can invest all my abilities and creativity, and this was one of the main reasons why I started Burgers and Hoodies. Also, after being part of the creative industry for a few years, I realised that we lack the storytelling part in our region, and I personally love to tell stories. If I want to describe or talk about anything, I narrate it in a storytelling technique. This is what Burgers and Hoodies is all about; it’s not just a mood or a nice aesthetic, it’s a story of its own.

With Burgers and Hoodies becoming a leading production house within the region, what is the most rewarding part of working on creative projects close to home? What challenges have you faced?

I’ve always looked at Burgers and Hoodies as a reward in itself, as it reflects my ambition and dreams. It exhibits to me everything I dreamt of living in front of my eyes, and with every step we take and with every achievement we establish, it makes me hungrier to work and create and practice what I love the most. Working on projects that reflect my identity and roots makes every project so dear to my heart because it gives me the chance to add a unique, personal touch to the project.

Since day one we’ve been able to hype and transfer the right message, the one we wanted, and this is what keeps the challenge going. The goal is to keep the suitable image and the right standard, by continuing to grow, and I believe that the main factor leading to our success is the team we have. We were always a small team, yet we all had the same vision to create and change. 

Ghassan Kayed x DIESEL

How have you managed to find the balance between creativity and business? Has it been a challenge to navigate creative entrepreneurship?

I always advise my team to make sure they don’t take things to the extreme, whether on the creative, or the commercial/business side. There’s always a significant method in every story if you’re to deliver the message in a smart, innovative way that can also be interesting and serve the main targeted business objective. I always try to treat myself with a project or a job that satisfies and motivates my creative side, even if sometimes it may not be sponsored or brand oriented. I’d work on a concept and produce it, knowing that it will reflect on me and the company in a good way.

What are your goals and ambitions for the company? And for yourself?

Growth has no limits, neither does ambition. Having a big team with me and expanding internationally is definitely part of the plan, but the main aim is to set a standard in the industry, where we start looking at our outcomes and results as benchmarks and a reference for not only the region, but also globally. I believe we have an extraordinary creative scene in our region, when it comes to music, art, or any other creative field. I’ve met so many talented creative people and I can assure you; if they get the chance, they will excel.

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