Sarah Hardan: Decks and Good Times

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Sarah Hardan: Decks and Good Times
Nujoud Oweis

Sarah Hardan (Instagram) is a woman with many hats. An event planner, a DJ, a style influencer and the founder of two companies, wherever the party is, she’s sure to be. Here, we talk to her about DJing and how she gets away from it all on her occasional day off. 

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into DJing?

Starting my career in PR and advertising, music has always been a big part of my persona. My husband actually taught me how to mix, and it was something we would both do with friends for fun. It became a big part of my life; nothing makes me happier than bringing people together through music. 

You work in several industries, including fashion, music and communications. How do you balance all of these different interests and areas?

I give each aspect the right energy without affecting the other, however, in many cases, they are actually intertwined.

What sets your DJing style apart from others in the industry?

I believe my eclectic sound and groovy beats are what really differentiate me from others in the scene. I usually read the room and feel the energy of the crowd, which helps me understand the sound I need to give at the right time. 

Sarah Hardan x DIESEL

Has your experience working in fashion influenced your approach to music and DJing?

Of course, that’s the first reason why we decided to launch The Good Trip, and give fashion and luxury brands a different experience through music and proper sound and artist curation. 

Can you share a memorable moment from your career so far?

The most memorable moment was at the dance floor of my very first The Good Trip party, which was when Kid Francescoli performed Moon live, I was just so proud and started laughing/crying from happiness.

What is your favorite music genre and why?

House Music, now and forever. It is timeless, it is groovy, it is the past and the future. 

How did The Good Narrative and The Good Trip come about? Talk us through your journey.

My husband and I worked in the communication and advertising industry for over 10 years, and we launched The Good Narrative in early 2020, as a collective that focuses on bringing storytelling to upcoming and existing brands in the region. In addition to that, our love and passion for music and event curation drove us to launch The Good Trip in mid-2022. The Good Trip is a party planning agency that curates experiences for fashion and luxury brands with a full tailor-made solution that fits the brands we work with and at the same time creates an immersive journey for guests. We are super excited about what’s coming next!

What would you say is the ultimate feel good song?

I’ll go for an all time classic for this one! It is definitely Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters 

Sarah Hardan x DIESEL

Can you describe your creative process when putting together a new set or mixtape?

To create a set or a playlist I get inspired by the location I am mixing at, for instance playing at sunset will inspire me to give a journey of emotions in my music versus mixing in an intimate club setting, where I would play sexy tunes that would put people in the right physical and mental state for the rest of the evening.

How do you approach the challenge of keeping a crowd engaged and energized throughout a performance?

I truly believe that DJing is giving a part of myself and my energy to my crowd, your demeanour is very important. At the end of the day, energy is contagious, when I am happy my crowd is happy, the more fun I am having while playing, the more my crowd is grooving, if I am excited about playing a track my crowd will immediately notice it. I always say never take yourself too seriously. The more you give, the more you get. 

If you were DJing at your dream venue/event, what brand or outfit are you wearing?

If I were to DJ, let’s say at DC10’s Circolocco night, Glen Marten’s Diesel would be a perfect fit, with a dash of The Attico for an extra sparkle and fun.  

With your vibrant, busy life, describe your ideal weekend escape.

I created an environment and bubble in my space that would allow me to have a sense of vacation in my own little heaven without having to leave it. However, I do like to take long getaways every once in a while, to feed my creative juices, whether it’s by dancing in a festival or laying down in the Iberian sun. And of course, exploring new cities when I’m feeling a bit adventurous.

What advice do you have for young, aspiring creatives, whether fashion or music enthusiasts?

Trust the process, don’t look for shortcuts, it always pays off in the end.

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