Marli New York: Jewels for life

Marli New York just released its Life collection, a range of playful, magnetic jewels presented by Taylor Hill

Marli New York: Jewels for life
Fifi Abou Dib

Who doesn’t play with their jewellery? A subtle source of stress release, a jewel is the ideal object to clear away anger, worry, shyness or embarrassment. In such situations, you discreetly turn your ring around your finger, remove it, switch it from one finger to the other, or pinch it between your lips. Be they on bracelets and pendants, jewels lend themselves to all sorts of gestures.

Founded by Maral Artinian in New York in 2014, jewellery house Marli New York creates a minimal, magnetic aesthetic that draws inspiration from the world’s most dynamic city and the amazing women who live in it. Hand crafted in 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds and touches of vivid colour from an array of exquisite gemstones, Marli pieces stand apart for their fluid lines, perfect material vocabulary and flawless reflective qualities. From the avenues of New York to the women of the world, Marli enhances the unique allure of those who choose it.


Marli understands the bond we have with our  jewellery. For Artinian, jewellery is not just an ornament, but a piece that ends up being part of whoever wears it. We change clothes at least every day and sometimes several times, depending on the mood or the occasion. But we seldom take off the jewellery we love. These objects are loaded with memories and empower those who wear them. Whether they were offered to us or we offered them to ourselves, they remind us of people, moments and places. This makes them lucky charms that we would not want to lose, both for their value and for what they mean to us.

The strong link between jewellery and life is eloquently expressed in the newly released Marli Life collection, where the pieces are articulated and designed to let you play with them however you want.

A row of Marli New York’s signature pyramid-shaped gemstones—representing Life’s major elements—appears as a ring and hinge bracelet, available in 18K rose gold and white gold. From the harmony of green agate to the playfulness of pink opal, the gemstone pieces cultivate contrasts with twin rows of shimmering pavé and paved inner bands. Because diamonds embody purity and wholeness, a ring and hinge bracelet set with diamonds alone are available in 18K rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.


“In New York, everything moves so fast. That is, until 2020. It was a moment to pause and reflect on what really matters,” explains Founder and CEO of Marli New York Maral Artinian, who created the collection during a time of global sorrow. “At the heart of the Life collection is this notion that there are many ways of moving forward, even when all stands still.”

For the Life campaign, internationally renowned model Taylor Hill has been brought on as the face of the new designs. An expression of the lifeforce that propels us forward and fills up with purpose, excitement and anticipation, the campaign invites us to unlock Life’s wonders.

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