OJAR – A celebration of regional scents and heritage

Embrace scent layering like never before.

OJAR – A celebration of regional scents and heritage
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In the realm of fragrance, OJAR (Instagram) is a name synonymous with indulgence and luxury. With the release of their new 100ml eau de parfum collection, OJAR takes the art of scent layering to new heights, inviting fragrance connoisseurs on a sensory journey like no other.


Crafted in collaboration with the revered master perfumers from the House of Givaudan, OJAR’s latest creation is a symphony of scents, paying homage to their six core collections: Rose, honey, sandalwood, musk, frankincense, and oud. Each note is a tribute to the rich heritage of our region, presented through a modern and refined lens.


What sets this collection apart is its unisex appeal and innovative approach to scent. OJAR’s 100ml Eau de Parfum is designed to complement their iconic Absolute perfume oil, a nod to the traditional Middle Eastern ritual of fragrance layering.


To begin the OJAR ritual, start with the Absolute perfume oil, a sensorial experience that pampers the senses. What makes it truly unique is its dual-cap design, featuring a glass stick applicator and a roll-on. This allows for a bespoke application, emphasizing different parts of the body, creating a personalized journey of scent.


The Eau de Parfum takes the stage as the next layer, effortlessly intertwining with the Absolute. This harmonious blend results in a personal signature scent, a fragrant ode to individuality.


OJAR’s commitment to sustainability shines through in their innovative bottle design. Colourful, generous, and elegant, the bottle not only stands as a testament to the brand’s DNA but also introduces a screw pump. This ingenious addition allows you to refill the playful and nomadic 15ml bottle, ensuring your fragrance remains vibrant and accessible throughout the day while also being a little kinder on the environment.


In a world where scent is a personal statement, OJAR’s eau de parfum collection offers a symphony of fragrances, an olfactory journey that combines tradition with innovation. It’s an invitation to live the ultimate OJAR experience and leave your fragrant mark on the world.


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