TROU/SO – Celebrating the essence of you

"TROU/SO’s mission is to assist and guide contemporary brides in discovering, creating, and educating them about their one-of-a-kind wedding wardrobe."

TROU/SO – Celebrating the essence of you
Nujoud Oweis

Introducing TROU/SO (Instagram), a homegrown destination for contemporary bridal and wedding styling that transforms the conventional trousseau. Founded by Bana Abujaber, the idea for TROU/SO was fueled by her own experiences, which underscored the importance of supporting women through their journey, bringing their dream wedding wardrobe to fruition. We spoke with Abujaber and delved into the inception of TRU/SO. Here’s what she had to share.

How did your journey lead you to focus on bridal wear? Was there a specific gap in the market that prompted this direction?

As someone who’s very passionate about styling and up to date with the latest fashion trends, when the time came to curate my own wedding wardrobe, I was overwhelmed and had a lot on my plate – from wedding planning to my husband’s and my mother’s and my sisters’ outfits.

Having worked many years in the industry as a stylist and buyer, and enjoying the convenience of online shopping, I started to get inspired by what could be if there was a bridal wear focused service. Prominent in the US and pockets of Europe, I immediately realised the Middle East region was underserved, although it’s known for its wedding fashion and festivities.

And that’s what led to TROU/SO – the inception was significantly influenced by my personal experience where I was able to realise outcomes working remotely (via Zoom and WhatsApp) with designers in different parts of the world. My bridal look, for instance, was inspired by a black dress I had seen at the MET Gala that I absolutely had to have. And so I did everything within my power to get connected to the designer for a custom design – which to my luck worked out. It was upon realising the power to transform a ready-to-wear piece into a bridal masterpiece from a leading fashion house like theirs, that a profound revelation emerged: Brides should have access to renowned brands and designers without the limitation of selecting from an exclusive bridal wear collection.


What narrative or message do you aim to convey to future brides through your brand’s ethos?

TROU/SO’s mission is to assist and guide contemporary brides in discovering, creating, and educating them about their one-of-a-kind wedding wardrobe. We aim to create awareness, provide support, and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Embracing and celebrating every bride’s unique style and vision is at the heart of our ethos. Through meaningful conversations, we intuitively connect with our clients, understand their individuality, and offer personalised guidance and expert advice. By streamlining the process and providing continuous support, the aim is to empower brides to make informed choices and feel confident and excited as they embark on their wedding day.

Who embodies the essence of the TROU/SO brand? Can you describe the ideal customer?

Our ideal clients are motivated, intrigued (by the process/journey) and communicative. They long for convenience and are comfortable to break-free from stereotypical molds.


Your styling services really make you stand out. How do you envision supporting and assisting your clients through these services?

We firmly believe in nurturing trust with our esteemed clients through consistent delivery on promises and the provision of expert advice. We also believe in honouring the uniqueness of each client by embracing their personal style and ensuring that their wedding wardrobe truly reflects their individuality. TROU/SO upholds honesty as a core value to steer its interactions and decision-making with communication and transparency. Our priority is forging genuine connections with our clients, fostering an environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves and where their true essence is revered and celebrated.

 In your opinion, what defines a contemporary bride in today’s context?

  • Embraces convenience and is digitally savvy
  • Comfortable to break-free from stereotypical molds
  • Cherishes unique, customer experiences and personalised services


Your background as a fashion buyer and stylist is impressive. How has this experience influenced the inception of your brand?

Witnessing the struggle so many women face with day-to-day styling was an eye opener in so many ways. Having styled hundreds [of people] over the years and seeing the impact one can have, inspired me to do more by creating a styling destination platform where individuals – brides, wedding guests and the bridal party – can find the means to truly express themselves.

Reflecting on your own bridal journey, what challenges or valuable lessons did you encounter that you believe could benefit new brides navigating a similar path?

While anything is possible trousseau-wise, patience, trustworthy guidance and timely initiation of the journey are vital. Don’t forget to enjoy the process. It is easy to get carried away during the wedding planning period; however, it is a unique journey that one should be able to always fondly look back on. 

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