Your New Suit Should Be Boxy

Bigger is better this summer

Your New Suit Should Be Boxy
Yaseen Dockrat

Paris Fashion Week just brought Fashion Month to a close. So, while the industry takes a momentary well-earned breath, here’s the YUNG edit of the boxy suiting trend that featured strongly over the last four weeks. It’s time to embrace the angles, with a looser fit that adds impact to your dress code. 

Earlier this year Gen Z landed a killer blow to skinny jeans, aking to xxx they declared the skinny fit cancelled, cringe and cheugy.  Now, it seems they may have just banished the skinny suit to the abyss too.

Giorgio Armani – always a man with love for big shoulders in suiting – played a huge role in the softer silhouette making its way back to trend status, showing a collection of lightly tailored suits that are the perfect fit for the summer.

The collection featured a colour palette of white, beige, and black so loosely put together you could be forgiven for thinking it pyjamas. At Louis Vuitton’s SS/23 Menswear, Kendrick Lamar delivered his ode to late designer Virgil Abloh in a custom-made LV suit – light In colour and construction and featuring a roomy fit. Not only were the proportions big, but the unconventional blazer also featured a double lapel detail, a hood, and a ripped hem. 

Boxy suits

How to Wear

For an ideal menswear fit, pair the roomier jacket with a pair of (also) roomy shorts or loosely fitted pants. Add tee, a linen shirt, or even a tank top. If you’re going big – and have the confidence – why not go topless underneath? It’s certainly a statement, albeit not one you might want to make at Sunday lunch with your family

Suiting has become a big statement in womenswear too, and oversized suits are a firm favourite. In recent months everyone from Hailey Bieber, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Emily Ratajkowski have embraced the trend. Keep your shirt tight, allowing the flowy jacket to take centre stage.

Boxy suits

The secret here is to find the line between looking elegant and looking as if you’re about to drown in excess material. Styling is only part of the look. Ensure that your oversized suit is crafted from high-quality materials that sit on your frame.