Carrera y Carrera: The Epitome of Spanish Luxury Jewellery

Carrera y Carrera is one of Spain’s most exciting jewellery brands and it's here, in Dubai.

Carrera y Carrera: The Epitome of Spanish Luxury Jewellery
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Founded in 1885 by Saturio Esteban Carrera, Carrera y Carrera (Instagram) has grown from a small jewellery workshop in Madrid’s Barrio de las Letras to an internationally recognized luxury brand. Today, Carrera y Carrera’s stunning creations are celebrated worldwide, adorning celebrities and royalty alike. The brand’s influence extends from New York to Tokyo, showcasing Spain’s rich jewellery-making heritage.


With Carrera y Carrera carried by Damas in Dubai, we sat down with Daniel Calvo, the Spanish house’s creative director to talk all things jewellery and the Gulf market.

How do you balance Carrera y Carrera’s rich historical legacy with the demands of contemporary jewellery design, especially for a cosmopolitan market like Dubai? 

Our pieces have always been characterized by great contrasts and details. Inspired by sculpture, they use combinations of light and shadow (hence the use of the combination of gloss and matte gold, which is very characteristic of our brand). In addition, I always include some avant-garde element that brings a touch of modernity to every creation.

Carrera y Carrera
The Bohemia collection

Can you expand on how Spanish culture influences the narratives and designs of the collections available at Damas? 

Undoubtedly the Spanish culture is always present in our artistic jewellery collections. The techniques used in creating our pieces are the legacies of Spanish craftsmanship from the past century. In addition, several of our collections such as Palaces of the South, Imperial Silk or Treasures of the Empire are clearly inspired by the architectural and artistic elements very present in the Spanish culture.


How do you engage with your audience, especially considering the cultural and aesthetic diversity of Dubai’s residents and visitors? 

There are many different tastes among our audiences, but there is one thing in common, and it is that they all share a passion for the arts, an admiration for craftsmanship and richness of detail.

Carrera y Carrera
The Origen Collection

What signature elements of Carrera y Carrera are emphasized in the Origen, My Angel and Bohemia collections? 

The art of mini-sculpture, the importance of details and the gloss/matte gold combination. An evolution of the authentic Carrera y Carrera style while maintaining the DNA of the brand.


What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your creative process and how do you overcome them? 

To keep the essence of the brand while trying to bring a more contemporary touch. The constant search for that balance is one of my greatest challenges.

Carrera y Carrera
The Bohemia Collection

Is there a personal story or experience that inspired any of the collections?

I try not to mix my personal life, although I cannot deny that the trips I take, and the books I read influence the inspiration for our collections. You always put something of yourself in every design.


Can you share more about the craftsmanship techniques unique to Carrera y Carrera that were showcased in the new collections? 

Our creations are the product of the exquisite work and technical legacy of our craftsmen. It is a complex know-how that requires great skill and experience. All our jewellers have been working for Carrera y Carrera for many years, which has allowed them to know perfectly the secrets of our craftsmanship, and the complex knowledge and experiences with all the details.


How do you tailor your designs to appeal to the specific tastes and preferences of your Middle Eastern clientele? 

I believe that the world is becoming more and more global and art is a universal language. My mission is to present creations that can satisfy the tastes of our customers all over the world.

The Bohemia Collection

How do you see the evolution of jewellery design across the next decade, and how does Carrera y Carrera plan to adapt or lead in this landscape? 

New technologies have always had an impact on jewellery design, but also thanks to these advances we can create pieces that were impossible before. We try to adapt to the new times without losing the unique style that characterizes us.


Looking back at the launch event, what are some key takeaways or moments that stood out for you personally and professionally? 

The most interesting moment was the cultural diversity of our guests, a true reflection of Dubai, which always brings a greater understanding and richness to my experience.


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