Falling in Love – Poison Drop’s Autumn Trends

Embrace the Essence of Autumn with Poison Drop.

Falling in Love – Poison Drop’s Autumn Trends
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The arrival of autumn marks the perfect time to get out and about, and what better way to capture the spirit of the season than with exquisite designs? Poison Drop (Instagram), your go-to online destination for designer jewellery, unveils an enchanting fall collection. Dive into the ultimate fusion of fashion-forward trends, diverse styles, and the freedom to craft your own statement.


Unlock Endless Possibilities with Layering

Layering isn’t just for clothing; it’s a hot jewellery trend too. Multiple bead necklaces and chokers combine seamlessly with elegant sautoirs, giving you the power to express your style. You can go bold with a full ensemble or create subtler sets that match your mood. Sautoirs, in particular, are a perfect match for open-back dresses, a fashion scene favourite.

Poison Drop

Gem Kingdom – $105

Poison DropAqua – $135


The Perfect Union: Crystals and Pearls

For timeless elegance, crystals and pearls come together in perfect harmony. Phenomenal Studio’s best-selling earrings, adorned with lustrous pearls and delicate crystals, exude timeless charm. If you’re up for making a bold statement, Herald Percy’s chandelier earrings, featuring breathtaking large crystals, are your perfect pick.

Poison Drop

Phenomenal Studio – $207

Poison Drop

Herald Percy – $240


Embrace the Barely-There Beauties

In the fast-paced world of fashion, sometimes it’s the understated pieces that leave the most significant impact. The “Barely-There Beauties” trend subtly enhances your natural grace. These pieces effortlessly blend with your everyday attire, offering a touch of sophistication and a quiet confidence that can’t be overlooked.

Poison Drop

Luta – $170

Poison Drop

Atelier Paulin – $190


Meet the “Tomato Girl”

Inspired by the vibrant Southern Italian way of life and the red colour trend of the season, “Tomato Girl” is a playfully enigmatic trend that’s impossible to ignore.

Poison Drop

Kotlo Studio – $64

Liya – $370


Unlock the Magic of “Statement Pieces”

Jewellery isn’t just an accessory; it’s a reflection of your personality. Poison Drop cherishes “Statement Pieces” that choose you as much as you choose them. Their unique designs and captivating stories create an unbreakable bond, a little like magic.

Ben Amun – $745

Sevenworlds – $270


Playful Fine Jewellery: Let Your Inner Child Shine

“Playful Fine Jewellery” is a collection of platinum and titanium pieces, adorned with hi-tech ceramics or stunning sapphires and dancing chains. Let your inner child’s dreams come true with these grown-up delights.

Maniovich AM – $51

Alexander Zubov – $1,800


Experience the allure of Poison Drop’s Fall 2023 Collection and make a lasting fashion impression. What’s more, they’re offering next day delivery in Dubai along with global shipping at 10 days to the US and EU.


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