Fifty El Ostora on ‘Hamla’ and the Future of Egypt’s Mahragant

Between record-breaking views and cross-genre collabs, Fifty El Ostora is a kingmaker with a vision

Fifty El Ostora on ‘Hamla’ and the Future of Egypt’s Mahragant
Menna Shanab

“The Mahraganat community is like family,” says Fifty El Ostora (Instagram). “We’ve all been grinding it out together for years, and I’ve always believed in the power of collaboration. That’s why with ‘Hamla,’ I wanted to break the mold and bring all these artists together – rappers, producers, the whole crew.”

‘For the track, Fifty brings together 12 of the most famous hip-hop and mahraganat artists in Egypt, including Marwan Moussa, Ziad Zaza, Karim Osama, Ortega, El Waili, Raif, Salazar, Philo, Elseweasy, Vito, Mikey MTM, and Molotof. But for Fifty, it’s more than just star power. “These aren’t just industry colleagues I brought on board,” Fifty clarifies. “These are my friends, the people I respect and learn from every day. When I pitched the idea for ‘Hamla,’ there wasn’t a single hesitation. That’s the kind of trust and camaraderie we have in Mahraganat.”


This theme of friendship and loyalty permeates every aspect of “Hamla,” Fifty explains. “True friends are your chosen family. They’re the ones who have your back through thick and thin. And that’s one of the core message of ‘Hamla,’ both the song and the video.”


“Mahraganat is often miscategorized as folk music,” he explains. “It emerged from the streets of Egypt, but it’s far from traditional. Both rap and Mahraganat share the same goal: to tell stories from the streets. Mahraganat, however, dives deeper into the everyday struggles of street life.” There’s a raw energy to it, a storytelling aspect that cuts deep.

Having played a key role in the genre’s growth, he reflects on the scene’s evolution. “The biggest change is the recognition and acceptance,” he says. “Mahraganat is no longer seen as an underground genre. It’s become a mainstream force in Egyptian music.”

“My dream has always been to take Mahraganat global,” he declares. “We have stories to tell, experiences to share, and music that deserves to be heard by the world. But it’s not just about me. I want to see this entire scene flourish, to give a platform to the next generation of talent.”

His visionary outlook extends to the music video. “There’s a powerful story that surges through it,” Fifty El Ostora reveals. “But I’m keeping the details under wraps. I want the fans to experience it for themselves, to decipher the message and connect with it on their own terms.”


‘Hamla’ is a harbinger of things to come. It sets the stage for Fifty’s highly anticipated album, while simultaneously marking his return to the music scene after a lengthy hiatus. He’s been busy in the studio, crafting a new album brimming with collaborations from fellow rap stars.

Fifty El Ostora’s influence on Mahraganat is undeniable. As a talented artist and a leader who brings people together, he’s driving a new creative wave that’s putting Egyptian music in the spotlight.