Prada – Rose gold comes to Eternal Gold

Eternal Gold from Prada is a story of sustainability and elegance crafted from 100% certified recycled gold.

Prada – Rose gold comes to Eternal Gold
This Is Yung Staff

Breaking the mould and pushing the limits of the fine jewellery landscape, Prada (Instagram) introduced Eternal Gold, a sustainable and elegant collection crafted from 100% certified recycled gold in 2022, and has now added rose gold options to the line.


Eternal Gold is a story of sustainability and elegance crafted from 100% certified recycled gold. As the first global luxury brand to use  recycled gold, Prada has begun to reshape the essence of luxury, weaving together time-honoured craftsmanship, precious gems, and metals in a harmony that reverberates with twenty-first-century finesse.


Eternal Gold is a collection that stands as a testament to Prada’s commitment to conscious luxury. This is not just jewellery; this is a symphony of ethics and aesthetics, where sustainability intertwines with opulence in an intricate dance.


Each piece in the collection is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, where 100 percent of the gold used is Certified Recycled Gold, adhering to the exacting standards of the ‘Chain of Custody’ set by the Responsible Jewelry Council.


The brand’s embrace of recycled gold stems from varied recycled sources, from industrial gold to post-consumer precious objects. With an eye on human rights, labour safety, environmental impact, and ethical business practices, Prada collaborates exclusively with suppliers who uphold the highest of industry standards.


Alongside its sustainable and ethical elements, the collection leverages the Aura Consortium Blockchain platform. The journey of each piece, from inception to the hands of its wearer, is imprinted in this technological tapestry, ensuring complete transparency.


In the collection, the iconic Prada triangle finds new life, representing more than just a logo – it’s a symbol of the brand’s ethos. The famed triangle weaves through the collection, adorning clasp closures, pendants, and earrings, forming a harmonious resonance with the multifaceted brilliance of diamonds.


Prada reinvents the classics, as snake bracelets, heart motifs, chain necklaces, and ribbon chokers emerge as perennial favourites, encapsulating the sentiments of love and affection. Gold, the eternal metal, shines in its purest form, celebrating its undying allure. Proportions are played with, chain links are elevated to astonishing dimensions, and pendants become beacons of splendour.


Stunning and inspirational, this is a collection to cherish.


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